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okay. let’s talk about this.

i spend a lot of time here at critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com telling men (& other people with dicks) not to make their dicks the overwhelming focus of their dick pics; rewarding subtlety & nuance; & encouraging senders to leave some clothing on in their pictures. you’ve done too much of all of those things.

i mean, i want to be careful here: i don’t want to rip down my carefully-constructed house of cards, & your picture is light years better than a log or a hastily whipped out half-assed effort with clutter & junk in the background. truly. but i just feel like you have been so careful  so arty & restrained & blurred focus & respectable  that you’ve ended up with a slightly toothless dick pic as a result.    

in short: i want to see more dick than this in a dick pic. you certainly, certainly have a hotter dick pic in you.

thank you for submitting to critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com. your dick pic gets a B.

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