Anonymous said: Hello, with that being said (that you receive hundreds of emails), what contributes to it being posted? I do appreciate what you're doing here and It's pretty awesome! I'll be anonymous but at the same time I'll let you know that I've sent you a pic.

  • i will actively prioritise the dicks of people of colour, trans* people & people with bodies that would make more diverse & inclusive. it is helpful to indicate this in the subject line of your email. 
  • the dick pics of other men will be posted, in due time, if you have made some visible effort to take a good and interesting picture. if i have chosen to move your dick pic from my email inbox to a draft post, i’ll let you know this by email. 
  • your dick pic will be sent straight to the “low priority bin” if it’s immediately apparent that you’ve never read a single word of my blog, e.g. if you send me a log or a blurry shot of the tip of your dick. i don’t actually revisit anything that lands there.
  • a great way to severely diminish your chances of getting a review up is to harangue me by email or asks about when your review will be posted. no one is entitled to a review as of right & particularly no one getting up in my face with an entitled attitude.
  • i’m doing this work out of love, senders, & it really is work. please be kind to me as i am to you, & respect that, while i appreciate every contribution, it’s not possible for me to grade every submission. 

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