Lol real small


"Lol real small" was the subject line of the email that contained this dick pic, and that breaks my heart forreal. let me clear this up straight away: the size of your dick is not determinative of your ability to take a good dick pic, and i will never grade you down on the basis of your size.

this is not a bad dick pic, but it suffers from some classic mistakes. the first is that you’ve gone for basically a full-tilt bird’s eye view, which makes me feel like i’m you and i’m looking down on my own dick. the second is that the lighting/flash is highlighting the head of your dick in a slightly alarming, “whoah there” way, and your dick pic, like most dick pics, would benefit from some softer lighting.

i like the fact that you are holding your dick in this picture. too often dick pics are clinical affairs with the sole aim of showcasing size, and this comes at the expense of eroticism. when you hold your dick in your picture, you do two things:

  1. you obscure some of it, which is sexy; and
  2. you remind me that your dick is a sexual organ, and that touching it makes you feel good.

i’m also feeling the fact that you’ve left your boxer shorts on in this pic; it adds a bit of subtlety and dick pics could always use that.

thank you for being the inaugural dick pic of your dick pic gets a B.

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