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this is really quite good, sender.

there are certain dick pic looks that are classic and consistently well-received and there’s no reason to mess with them. dicks lying among crisp tussled white sheets is one. hard dicks visible through boxers or pants is another. and, of course, dicks that are all soaped up; looking sexy in the most hygienic of ways. you’ve also included a generous chunk of your torso, which is great, and your grip is very convincing.

there’s something a little off about the framing, but otherwise it’s well done, sender.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets an A-.



yeah, i’m into this.

your outfit is good, your butt is good, your pose is good. there’s no unnecessary fluff or clutter, just clean lines and curves. the background is perhaps a bit too stark, but overall it’s a hot picture.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets an A.

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A few months ago I took this photo at work (on the flightdeck of an Airbus) and sent it to a potential consort who gave it a reasonable review.

We were on a flight between two large european cities (over France at the time from memory - ahh the romance!), when the first officer left the flightdeck to use the washroom… I took a few photos and had him tucked away with literally seconds to spare before the first officer returned. 

I… would appreciate your thoughts on the merit or otherwise of taking cockshots at work, and in other ‘high risk’ scenarios !

probably the most unbelievable part of this story is that your “consort” gave you a reasonable review.

sorry! i know. you’re trying to fly a goddamn airbus!!!!! surely you can’t take a flawless dick pic under those circumstances!!! well, EXACTLY, sender?? no one was asking you to do this?? it seems reckless?? also, this isn’t a good dick pic.

i suppose, if i imagine what it’s like to be your “consort”, it might be pretty hot to imagine you up there, with all those lives in your hands, plus your own hard dick. the “high risk” element doesn’t make for a good dick pic though. that’s clear, because this isn’t a good dick pic. at least it’s a little bit interesting, though.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a C.


thank you for submitting a POC dick pic; they’re highly encouraged around these parts. there’s a fair bit of room for improvement, though.

i mean, you’ve definitely got the right idea with the soaped-up, in-the-bath look, which is classically and consistently hot, and your hand placement is quite tender and attractive. it’s too zoomed in though, with not enough focus on the rest of your body and a mundane and lackluster background.

i feel like you’ve got a better dick pic in you than this, so definitely keep going.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a C.

I’m ready to be critiqued

I am hereby submitting a dick pic (of sorts). Eager to read your response! I feel cautiously confident.

you really need to back up a cocky (…..) approach like this with the goods, and fortunately you have, by and large.

the way your dick is hanging out inside your boxers is frankly pretty great, and i like the fact that you’re basically fully clothed, yet there’s nothing at all G-rated about your picture.  the use of shadow is excellent and the background is uncluttered, but i feel like your pose could pack a bit more punch.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a B+.

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well isn’t this lovely. and weird.

this is a very arty dick pic and thankfully not in a “slap a black and white filter over it” sense. you’re all blue and covered in flowers but your dick is raging hard and it’s all pretty funny and visually appealing. it’s not super sexual but it’s interesting, and i appreciate that.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a B+.

for your consideration


I like your irreverence and gentle tact. I am probably one of your older models, having been born in 1956. Cheers!

this is a medium dick pic, sender.

good things: the swath of non-dick body that you’ve included. your hand placement. the relatively clear background.

not so good things: the blaaaaack and whiiiiiite whyyyyyyyyyy!?!! i’ve said this so many times i’m starting to sound like a stuck record, but black and white is CONSTANTLY used as a lazy shorthand for an arty, thoughtful picture and it’s getting. so. boring. why not just not do it! leave the colour! that, and this picture slightly lacks oomph.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a B-.

unseeliefaerie said: bless u dick pic critic


This idiot


this was an unsolicited dick pic thrust upon a dear friend of mine, which makes it fair game for critique.

i note that you sent this picture with a single question: “you likey?”. no, sender, my friend doesn’t likey. i don’t likey. no one likeys. i mean which part exactly were we supposed to likey? the little nondescript triangular sliver of the mid portion of your shaft? the mundane background and outfit choice? the big white semicircular blob in the foreground that might be your hand or your gut?

it’s very bad, sender. please stop afflicting this on people who haven’t asked for it, and even on anyone who has.

thank you for your submission (in an indirect sort of way) to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a D.

My Dick Pic


am Asian and the ‘Asian size’ has bothered me for sometime, a while back. After seeing/sleeping with men of different colours and ethnicity, I have realised theAsian size myth is bullshit, and how this whole stereotyping effects one’s confidence. 
… Beside this, what do you think of my picture?
i think your picture is really great, sender.
this shot has clarity and careful composition and a small number of elements all working well together. your hand placement is tender and well-considered and while this is quite a close up shot, it’s not a log and thank god for that. excellent use of shadow and lighting. i’m pleased.
thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets an A.